History of Our Church

Constructed in 1918 – South Floral Park United Methodist Church, the only church in the village, stands at the corners of Louis Avenue and Bertha Street. “The little church on the corner”, as it is fondly called, is a monument to another time. It was a labor of love for the community – they literally put hands and hearts together to build this church.

We do not know in whose heart the idea of the church was conceived, but we do know that the first meeting place was the McCoy house on Marguerite Avenue. This was the home of the first Sunday School. The earliest church records include a bank book with an entry date of January 26, 1917. The account was held by the Floral Park Bank, and Miss Lena Kaimary was listed as Sunday School treasurer.

The land on which the church is built was bought by E.E. Mecham from John F. Kavanagh for the sum of $188.00 on May 29, 1918. On June 10, 1919, E.E. Mecham deeded the property to the then Jamaica Square Church for the sum of $1.00.

The Men of the village excavated the lot and poured the foundation for the church. Worship services started in the church as soon as they were able to put a roof over the foundation. It was later that the upper structure was added. The completion of the building was made possible by a combination of donated building materials from the business community, skilled local labor, proceeds from strawberry festivals, and a loan of $600.00 from the Floral Park Bank. This note was dated February 7, 1921 and was guaranteed by members of the trustees’ board. The note was paid off on March 29, 1924. George Hand, a member of the congregation did the early plumbing, and furnishing was donated by the Methodist Church in Jamaica. July 1923, electricity was installed by Lilco and all the lamps extinguished.


The church was incorporated on July7, 1927 as the Jamaica Square Episcopal Church. The minister at the time was the Rev. Gustave Laass. Another early minister was the Rev. Dickenson who lived at 151 Memphis Avenue in the Village. In 1932 the name of the church was changed to South Floral Park Methodist Episcopal Church. It became South Floral Park United Methodist Church in 1968.